What is talent mapping?

People are the greatest asset to any business and at the same time, the greatest challenge from a planning, retention and attraction perspective. Talent mapping takes away the ambiguity from these elements, saving time, money and critically allowing you to manage risk more effectively.

Talent mapping provides the competitive advantage of having a complete view of all external succession candidates for your company’s executive roles or exactly how many of your sectors highest caliber project leaders or niche technical specialists are ready to join you given the opportunity.

It can also support mapping diversity across an organization and enable private equity companies to understand the leadership talent available for new investments. Whatever the scenario, the power of having a clear insight of the best and brightest talent in your market is critical to the continuity and future growth of your organization.

A meticulous talent mapping process is key to identifying and evaluating the best talent in your market. This isn’t simply about developing a list of talent. A robust talent mapping methodology is all about curating the list.

The resulting matrix should be a continuously updated, living bench of external talent, aligned with the business’ strategies and growth plans. For example, using an online talent mapping database offers an alternative to cumbersome reports, providing a current picture of the market which is easily accessed and maintained through a secure portal ensuring value long after the initial project is completed.

Ducatus Partners’ talent mapping solutions are designed to give you access to this knowledge through our decades of experience and proven talent mapping methodology. The value we bring is not in a list of names and contact details, but in knowing that the information we provide is comprehensive and reliable.

For example, we’ve recently used our talent mapping expertise to support citizen development programs in Papua New Guinea and Mozambique – helping to prove the stances government have taken on the issue and drive a plan for reducing expatriate costs for companies.

Our team acts as an extension of your current talent acquisition capability and can be utilized at multiple levels of your organization to address short term specific challenges, or as part of your long-term people and organization strategy.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your talent mapping needs, please get in touch.