Talent Mapping and Evaluation

Consider the competitive advantage of having a complete view of all external succession candidates for your company’s executive roles, or obtaining visibility of exactly how many of your sectors technical leaders are ready to join you given the opportunity.

Whatever the scenario, the power of having a clear insight of the best and brightest talent in your market is critical to the continuity and future growth of your organization.

Leveraging our deep industry expertise, geographical coverage and differentiated research methodology, we work in concert with your existing talent strategies to deliver a completely bespoke Talent Mapping and Evaluation solution. To maximize the long-term value of the data we gather, we utilize a customizable web-based platform which can be maintained and updated, providing ongoing market intelligence and live information on talent availability.

Our demonstrable track record of partnering with our clients to execute Talent Mapping and Evaluation projects on five continents affords us with the knowledge to take a consultative approach whilst applying best practice learned from many years of experience.

Ducatus Partners Talent Mapping and Evaluation solutions can be applied to a vast array of challenges including:

Leadership Advisory

Ducatus Partners provide a range of advisory services and bespoke specialist studies to enable our clients to make key decisions on human capital, organizational development and value creation.

Our research capability has a far broader application than simply conducting executive search mandates; we turn valuable information into tools which informs clients and assist in critical decision-making.


We provide advisory services, intelligence reports and compensation and benefits analyses. We clarify remuneration expectations across industries and markets to help clients remain competitive and to assist during new market entries


We offer comprehensive competitor analyses and mapping that can aid in management benchmarking. Our services extend to due diligence of management teams, discreet referencing and leadership assessment.


We work with boards and executives to create and implement leadership succession plans, utilizing internal and external talent pools. We also design and deliver training and coaching programs to support and accelerate leadership development.


Our leadership experience and broad industry knowledge is a valuable resource for clients. We advise on optimal organizational design and the profile specifications of the individuals required for it to function effectively.

Executive coaching and training

Ducatus Partners provide a range of executive coaching and training services in support of new appointment on-boarding, leadership development and performance improvement.


Starting a job with a new company can be very stressful on individuals both professionally and personally. Working through some of these challenges discreetly with a highly qualified executive coach can smooth the transition and ensure successful and sustainable outcomes.

Leadership Development and Training

Structural demographics are demanding that younger professionals rise through leadership ranks ever more quickly to address emerging gaps at the top of organizations. Ducatus Partners work with clients to develop executive coaching and training programs which form an integral element of their broader leadership development initiatives.

Performance Improvement

Under performance can be caused by a multitude of factors, both internal and external, many of which can be addressed with the support of an experienced executive coach. Working with line management, human resources and the individual, we can provide the support necessary to turn unproductive situations around to create positive outcomes.