Executive search and compensation benchmarking for clean energy projects

Case study


Our client is an organization formed by a number of major energy companies in order to invest in clean energy projects and technologies that will drive progress in combating climate change.

Ducatus Partners was retained as the exclusive executive search and leadership consulting provider to the organization, working across both their core group and investment team.


The client needed to fill a number of senior positions across offices in the US and Europe. These roles included a structured finance principal, technology principal and marketing director.

In addition, the client asked Ducatus Partners to complete a comprehensive compensation benchmarking exercise. The outcomes of this exercise would form the basis for a new remuneration structure and grading levels across the organization, helping the client attract and retain the best talent from individual contributor to executive level.


Ducatus Partners set up a global project team based across the US and Europe in order to provide comprehensive coverage in the markets local to our client.

Furthermore, as our client is a first-of-its-kind business in a sector which is still relatively new, we made the decision to conduct both our search and benchmarking assignments across a range of interrelated industries with complementary skill sets. These industries included integrated energy, energy services, private equity and corporate venture capital.


After completing the compensation benchmarking exercise, Ducatus Partners provided a full breakdown of our findings. This included grading recommendations, job-levelling recommendations, and a comparison of remunerations between states and countries.

This was used by the client to structure remuneration across the organization, including at the investment and corporate group level.

In addition, Ducatus Partners helped the client make six key senior appointments in the US and Europe.