Our impressive track record of partnering with leading private equity firms provides us with a clear appreciation of the talent required to secure successful investment outcomes.

Ducatus Partners have strong relationships within the private equity community and an exceptional track record of recruiting non-executive directors and executives to portfolio companies around the world. We understand the complexities involved in identifying, assessing and attracting top talent within this arena.

Beyond our search solutions, we are adept at tailoring our range of advisory services to private equity firms. Ducatus Partners are highly experienced in conducting discreet referencing and benchmarking of leadership teams as part of the investment due diligence process. We offer in-depth market mapping to provide intelligence on specific industry areas, as well as carrying out compensation analyses studies that guide on appropriate remuneration structures.

Our extensive network allows us to offer interim management solutions to the private equity community, whether this is to bridge gaps within portfolio businesses, or to offer expert insight prior to investment.


Executive & Non-Executive Introductions, UK Rail

A major US based energy and infrastructure investor acquired a provider of utility infrastructure services, and wanted to engage with executives and non-executives within the UK Rail industry as a means to devise a growth plan in the sector.

Ducatus Partners successfully mapped out relevant talent markets and facilitated valuable introductions to the private equity firm.

Non-Executive Director & Member Advisory Committee

A major energy and infrastructure investor were seeking to attract a high-calibre, female Non-Executive Director to join the Board and Advisory Committee of one of their portfolio companies.

Ducatus Partners worked with the private equity firm to identify suitable candidates and subsequently placed an experienced Director onto the board.

Management Due Diligence & Referencing

Following the appointment of a new CEO to lead a portfolio company, several changes to the management team were made, which included the recruitment of select individuals from the new CEO’s network.

The investor wanted due diligence and referencing carried on a candidate for a critical appointment which required a strong character to manage turnaround and growth of the business.

Ducatus Partners completed thorough references and presented our client with an extensive and objective reference report.