Ducatus Partners provides a range of advisory services and bespoke specialist studies to enable our clients to make key decisions on human capital, organisational development and value creation.

Our research capability has a far broader application than simply conducting executive search mandates; we turn valuable information into tools which inform clients and assist in critical decision-making.

People drive businesses. We provide insights that help clients better understand their people; identifying competitive talent advantages and opportunities to create such advantages.


Organisational Design

Our leadership experience and broad industry knowledge is a valuable resource for clients. We advise on optimal organisational design, and the profile specifications of the individuals required for it to function effectively.

Compensation & Benefits

We provide advisory services, intelligence reports, and compensation and benefits analysis. We clarify remuneration expectations across industries and markets, to help clients remain competitive and to assist during new market entries.

Management Benchmarking

We offer comprehensive competitor analysis and mapping that can aid in management benchmarking. Our services extend to due diligence of management teams, discreet referencing and leadership assessment, as well as conducting compensation benchmarking.

Succession Planning

We work with Boards and CEOs to create and implement leadership succession plans. We assess high-potential talent though internal study and wider external market mapping. Business strategy, culture and the competitive landscape are analysed to mitigate risk and disruption.